BEST TIME FOR WEDDING SHOOTING IN HOI AN            Hoi An is a paradise of natural light, a popular destination for couples looking to take pictures of weddings, honeymoons, or trips to Vietnam. When is the best time to take wedding photos in Hoi An? That’s early morning because Morning in Hoi An ancient town […]

ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY OF IRA AND AMANDA IN HOI AN Ira and Amanda contacted me in a very short time, a few days before shooting, they liked the natural shooting style and I was the local Hoian wedding photographer so they chose me, Ira told me “Only local people can see what is most beautiful in Hoi […]

HOONEYMOON OF PAV AND VIC IN HOI AN Photographer : Anh Phan  ( Vietnamese wedding photographer in hoi an ) Location : Hoi An old town Honeymoon is a private, intimate moment of marriage after marriage. This is the most beautiful and desirable time. When thinking about honeymoon, we will refer to the image of […]